Technology School

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Industrial Technologist

The Industrial Technologist School is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in basic and advanced industrial processes, procedures, planning, and management. Our Industrial Technologist School is designed for student wishing to learn the fundamentals of industrial processes and important safety considerations. This school is a mix of classroom and shop instruction.

Radiological Control Technician

The first portion of the course (Core Academic) covers the core academics of mathematics, physical science, nuclear physics and radioactivity. This section of the course also covers radiation effects and standards and exposure control and detector theory. The second portion of this course is specific to the policies, procedures, and instrumentation used in the nuclear industry. The third portion of this course involves Job Performance Measures where the students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the use of instruments and the ability to follow specific procedures.

Nuclear Technologist

The Nuclear Technologist school is designed to instruct professionals, such as engineers and physicists, involved in nuclear research and production. Instruction includes collecting samples of air, water, and other substances for measuring radioactive level production. These skills are frequently used in power generation facilities and facilities where nuclear experiments are conducted. Training includes use of computers, gauges, and instruments to calculate efficiency and performance of a reaction based on temperature, pressure and radiation intensity. This training provides instruction used when adjusting nuclear equipment, such as positioning of valves, to increase efficiency.