Helper Programs

Below you can find information on our helper programs. If you would like more information on these classes that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or call us at 208-522-4336.

Welder Helper

Our Welder Helper School is designed for student wishing to increase their knowledge of welding technologies, their welding skills, and important safety considerations. The 100 hours of school is a mix of classroom and shop instruction. The school is designed to help students with job placement where welding skills are needed.

Mechanical Helper

Mechanical Helper School is a comprehensive introduction to fundamental industrial mechanical concepts, principles and equipment. The book is designed for industrial mechanics, technicians, and maintenance personnel. Photographs from over 90 major manufacturers and organizations have been included to help illustrate the broad range of technical information used in industry today. Mechanical Helper School covers common industrial topics such as industrial safety, precision measurement, print reading, tools, rigging and lifting, ladders and scaffolds, hydraulic and pneumatic principles and systems, lubrication, bearings, flexible belt and mechanical drives, vibrations, alignment, electricity, and preventive maintenance programs.